As your travel consultant, I understand that you want to get the absolute best value for your vacation dollar. It's my pleasure to help you arrange everything from transportation to and from your destination, hotel accommodations, car or other transportation needs at your vacation destination, inclusive meals (if part of a vacation package), possible sightseeing excursions, etc., at the best price available.

Why A Travel Agent Is Better Than Expedia?

If you think websites like Expedia, Bookit, and Kayak eliminate the need for a travel agent, I give you 9 reasons why you may wish to reconsider.

I love planning vacations and seeing my clients happy. You having a wonderful experience is important to me. I'm motivated by your enjoyment (and desire to refer your friends to me).

I provide value. I search for the best prices and specials for the kind of experience you desire. I want you to get the most for your vacation dollar. Typically, I research over a dozen suppliers that specialize in your destination in order to make sure I find you the lowest price. Many of these suppliers only work with travel agents and aren't available on the online sites.


I provide personalized attention. When you search for hotels online to a place you've never been, do you know where the hotel is in relation to what you want to see and do? Is it a five-minute walk or an hour long taxi ride? I do the leg work for you. I have access to the expertise of 650+ experienced travel agents, plus I will use trip reports, hotel rankings, and other criteria that are important to you to help you narrow down your choices.


I get to know you and your travel style. I learn your likes and dislikes, and can suggest destinations and activities based on this knowledge. I can advise you of upcoming travel bargains/specials, tips, and concerns via email. Just tell me your plans for next year, and I'll make it my business to look out for deals for you. An invaluable benefit.


I provide follow-through booking. Once I make a booking for you, my services do not end there. I can reserve shore excursions, reserve tours, get you event tickets, or help you plan your itinerary - whatever help I can provide to make your vacation experience more enjoyable.


I save you time. You can look online and check dozens of different websites for airlines, seating, travel times, connections, hotel availability, activities, tours, car rentals, and the accompanying reservations, deposits and payments, but why bother? Let me do the work for you. I can work faster, know exactly where to look, and have access to the contact people involved.


I have access to the latest news. Whether it be weather, politics, or any issue which may affect your travel, I have the scoop. I get news from direct client feedback as well as colleagues and government sources. My business is to know what is going on in the places I send you. Has the beach been reduced to a 3 foot swatch by a hurricane the year before? You can’t see that in a resort brochure or website. It’s not information readily volunteered by the resort reservations staff either.


Convenience. If you prefer to do things the 'Old Fashioned Way', I'm happy to meet with you at your location if you live within the surrounding Peoria, IL area. I may also be reached via email or phone.


Problem resolution assistance. If there are problems, I know who to call to help get a resolution. I can negotiate better than you since I routinely deal with the people and companies involved.


Let's start planning your next vacation today!


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